Now it’s live!

The hot phase has startet yesterday during our monthly Club-Meeting in Dortmund.
The Team-Members met to discuss the last Things which have to be done, like buying a second generator etc. Also one of the most important things: What to eat ;-)

The situation with the Antennas is also clear, we will operate with 2x 3wl Yagi hrizontally stacked for 2m and we will also have 1 Longyagi for 70cm. Power for 2m will be QRO and on 70cm 100 Watts. Untill now we did not recieved an answer from the Norwegan NRRL to some E-Mails we’ve send to get some Info’s about 6m operation. We have no clear picture of if it is allowed for foreign HAMs to operate on 6m. So if we do not recieve a clear statement we will NOT be qrv on 6m.
(Still wondering why NRRL does not wat’s to talk to us…..)

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