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On the Road!!

The Tour has just started, if you like, you may track us at this link: Life-Track Here we go!

Preparation goes well

Our preparation work goes well straight foreward. The rented Camping Car was taken yesterday afternoon and we directly started to pack most of the things together in the car. So only ea few things needet to be packed today and than we are ready to rumble!

DXPedition E-Mail Address

The preparation work for the start is ongoing and everything looks good. The generators are tested, Cables are made for HF and Computer connection. GPS Recivers for PC-Clock syncronisation are checked, Image-CDs for Notebooks are burned, puuh. So we start now to pack the boxes. The E-Mail Address for the DXPedition is: dxpedition at df1vb […]

6m also activated

Today i recieved several Infos that we could use 6m in LA with our CEPT Licence. Great! So 6m will also be with us on Tour, Antenna here will be at minimum a 4 Ele. Yagi.

The Team

The Z03 VHF DXPedition Crew: Joachim, DO1EJK Michael, DB1MV Hayo, DG9BEW Jochen, DF1VB

3 possible qth’s

Well, yes….we know it is very dificult to have a good qth in JP31 with a good take-off to SE-SW with almost less than 2 degree of elevation. But we think that we have now 3 possible qth’s and it depends on the weather situation oan on the situation on the roads which one we […]

Now it’s live!

The hot phase has startet yesterday during our monthly Club-Meeting in Dortmund. The Team-Members met to discuss the last Things which have to be done, like buying a second generator etc. Also one of the most important things: What to eat The situation with the Antennas is also clear, we will operate with 2x 3wl […]