DXPedition E-Mail Address

The preparation work for the start is ongoing and everything looks good. The generators are tested, Cables are made for HF and Computer connection. GPS Recivers for PC-Clock syncronisation are checked, Image-CDs for Notebooks are burned, puuh. So we start now to pack the boxes.

The E-Mail Address for the DXPedition is:
dxpedition at df1vb dot de

Under that E-Mail Address we will be reachable and will make skeds. But please we will only start making skeds when we arrived and are qrv. We will announce this on that WebSite here and also on the famous on4kst chat (www.on4kst.com). Also we will announce a GSM-Phonenumber under that we are reachable to make skeds (voice or sms).

Hpe to see u in jp31 log, vy df1vb

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