We are QRV now from JP31RK. What a nightmare to come up that Hill here, but okay. The first QTH we reached was not usable with our Camping Car, no Chance. So we decided to go to our second Option. Using a Tipp from Stefan, LA0BY and a great description from Dick, PA2DW we reached Luster in JP31RK. We climbed a very small road up a Mountain and on the top there is a nice car-parking from an old, not longer used Sanatorium, and, what a luck, we met the Owner doing some preparations. We talked to him, and what should i say, his grandfather was LA3UE, a well know OM. So no more words where needed, he allowed us to stay and use the area, GREAT!

So we started hard to bring up the gear, 2 Masts, 4 Antennas and so on. At 23:30 local we finished and did a barbeque. This Morning we went on Air via Meteor-Scatter and our first QSO took place with SP2JYR!!! Now we have to take down again the Mast with the 2m array and do some changes. Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon 😉

1st QSO

Antennas and Take-Off to Central Europe

Watch out the Skyline!

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